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A Birthday and a Hope

37 weeks & about 12 hours later induction for your arrival started.

Tomorrow we celebrate our Little Miss turning 3. Not only do I feel old realizing this, but I’ve also seen some Mom Bloggers posting about their last baby being a lengthy list of last ‘firsts’ and how heartbroken they are to realize this is the last first they’ll experience. First steps, first tooth, first night sleeping all night, etc… but in all honesty I’m glad she is both my little girl, my only girl and my last. Pregnancy and the fourth trimester was tough for me. (see here)

She is already a force to be reckoned with, for the good and the bad. She’s loving, creative and especially imaginative, which bodes well for her future endeavors. I’ve been ruminating on what I would love to say to her and be able to remind herself as she grows, so I figured here would be a wonderful outlet for that. 

Dear Little Miss,

You celebrate your 3rd birthday tomorrow. Daddy and I are so proud to see all you have learned and continue to learn each and every day. You are such an inventive and excited child who usually gets along with your older brother (Munchkin) and really enjoys feeding the dog (at least until it becomes your chore).

Cooler temps = open windows

As you get older and begin your schooling, I want you to remember a few things.

  • God loves you no matter what and He wants to be a part of your life
  • We love you and want the best for you, even if you don’t think that in the heat of the moment when we are trying to protect you
  • There may be friends who seem wonderful to your face, but act drastically different when your back is turned. Use caution when sharing things with them. 
  • Education is important, but doesn’t always occur just in classrooms. It can happen at jobs, internships and of course being well-read
  • Reading is an activity that is free, can expand your understanding of complex situations and is worth the effort you put into it
  • Being alone isn’t a bad thing
  • Learn to be aware of your self-talk and know that there will be times when you feel down regardless of your present situation and that’s okay
  • Asking for help understanding situations, feelings and recipes aren’t bad things to do when you’re confused or nervous
  • Try to say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry” in situations where an apology isn’t always needed. Try: “Thank you for waiting for me” instead of “I’m sorry I was late”
  • Look for ways to help others instead of looking for ways to bring them down
    Ask the owner before petting any animal on a leash and do your best to treat all animals with kindness, except spiders, if they’re inside they need to be removed ASAP 
  • Sometimes coloring outside the lines allows for a different picture to develop instead of the planned one 
Not sure what had more chalk at the end of this, the kiddos or the slide

You have your whole life in front of you and even though you’re only turning 3, I think a lot of these guidelines are helpful reminders to your Daddy and I as well to show you and your brother by example as well. There are many people both near and far that are excited to see what the future holds for you and will encourage and support you as you grow up. 

We love you very much and want to wish you a Happy Birthday! 

Stay cool friends

Daughter of the Most High God. Well cared for and appreciated wife of an amazing man. Female, Christian, mother of an adorable & imaginative son, sweet & feisty daughter and a furry house pony, type 1 diabetic, slightly geeky, married to a most wonderful man who treats me like a queen, youngest of three, created in the 80's, lover of Christ; history and languages, animal lover, outspoken, caring and just down right cool. ;-)

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  • Robin Poynter

    Little Miss and Munchkin are very lucky to have a mother with such great advice. It’s such a great idea to record the ideas and need to know things for our children. I agree with so much of this, and what a wonderful read for Mom’s of kids of any age. Especially teens, because there is so much you want to tell them, and really SO little they are open to receiving at that point no matter how you raised them previously.

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