Do you want to build a puzzle?

I know the song is asking if you want to build a snowman, but yeah, it’s south Texas, snow doesn’t tend to happen here often.

Not my backyard, but close.

This year has been all sorts of things for us: scary, frustrating, uncertain, along with seemingly being caught in a loop a la Groundhogs Day.

But one thing that has been almost constant is our collective desires to have something we can control. Even something as simple as completing a jigsaw puzzle.

“Jigsaw puzzles?!” You might be thinking. “You mean those boring old bits of paper making up images of old paintings that retirees do to pass the time?” Yes, those things, but stick with me here, there will be a point to all of this.

Disclaimer: I have been a puzzler for many years and was excited to see a quick clip on YouTube about the maker of the puzzles I prefer to assemble earlier last week. (and yes, I have a prefered puzzle maker) Besides being amazed at how the company keeps all the pieces of each puzzle together while being sent along the assembly lines; I was also intrigued to hear that once the puzzles are completed you should be able to hold the puzzle up like the painting it was based off of initially.

Which got me thinking (hence this post). We’re still in the midst of a pandemic and even with a vaccine (or more) becoming available, there will still be a need to follow guidelines laid out by the CDC and WHO to help mitigate the continued spread of Covid. The steps we’ve been asked to take upon ourselves these past 8-9 months to keep ourselves and those around us safe still matter. Those guidelines are pieces of a whole puzzle that, if ignored or forgotten, could cause the puzzle pieces of the world to crumble onto the table in disarray and Covid winning if not followed.

Ignoring guidelines that help slow the spread of the virus can allow Covid to continue to spread unchecked. Not reigning in the spread of this virus can leave families distant as one of them fight for their lives in a crowded ICU right when we are supposed to be celebrating family and the lovely memories of Christmases past. Leaving even one part of a puzzle undone means the full picture isn’t visible. I don’t know about you, but having a landscape without the land part pieced together seems a bit underwhelming, don’t you think?

Proper puzzle layouts are key to completion.

I want to be able to spend time with friends I haven’t been able to see face to face all year. Heck, I would love to ring in 2021 with a whole crowd of people playing games, enjoying a variety of yummy foods and sharing Christmas cookie plates with everyone, but I won’t, because I care. I will stay home and mask up when I do go out because I want my family, my friends, my neighbors and everyone all over the world to be able to ring in 2021 breathing freely because they aren’t infected with Covid-19.

So while I am waiting to see the live stream of the NYE Ball drop in Time Square, I might even pull out a jigsaw puzzle to assemble and consider what 2021 can hold for us all vaccines and all. If you want, check out the puzzle options here and send me a picture of your completed work.

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