Schools, Covid & Dave Grohl?

We have been trying to expand the musical horizons of what Munchkin and Little Miss listen to a lot lately. Mainly because there is such a wide variety of music and styles out there, but also because there’s only so much Gangnam Style a la Kids Bop we can handle in a week. (Oppan Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style…)

I’ve been a fan of Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl for a long while now (yeah, I’m old), but he’s made me smile and rock out a bit more this year partly because of his comments about teachers. In July, he wrote an essay for The Atlantic where he’s quoted as saying:

“Teachers want to teach, not die, and we should support and protect them like the national treasures that they are. For without them, where would we be?”

Dave Grohl

What I wasn’t aware of, until that article, is that his mother was a public school teacher while Dave grew up and has a lot to say about raising a musician. He saw the struggles she had while teaching multiple classes to get specific assignments for the classes, school projects set up and all that grading done while also managing two growing and, not always on task, kids of her own.

Now all of that may seem like a lot; and if it doesn’t to you, I think what you consider a lot of work maybe skewed a bit. What adds to the uncertainty and craziness of 2020 in schools is everyone’s favorite virus, Covid-19. *joking, joking*

Most students in districts around us have been doing some sort of virtual model of learning since mid-March. When school started back up in August, we opted to continue that method for Munchkin and have teachers and administrators to applaud for their tireless efforts to make distance learning even remotely possible. (sorry, dad joke there)

Not only have the teachers switched their methods of teaching from face to face, like traditionally, but they’ve also tried really hard to find ways for their students to learn via videos, educational video clips and even Friday dance parties via Zoom. Now, while schools are opening back up to have kids physically in the classrooms, with plenty of guidelines and restrictions aimed at keeping them safe, that doesn’t change the fact that we owe the educators of our children a huge “Thank You” and our continued support, now, and even after our kids grow up and graduate from the school systems.

That brings me back to Dave Grohl and showing our kids that there is more than just Kids Bop music. Mister came across a video of a very talented drummer who challenged Dave to a drum-off; they were amazing, seemed to be technically accurate as well as was able to add in their own flair while performing. The coolest thing though? She‘s ten.

So, as the videos are released, we have been watching the back in forth videos between Dave and Nandi Bushell and loving every bit. I think she’s being shown that her age, her stage and her location doesn’t matter to Dave. He’s showing her (or being shown up by her), that she’s valued, and he’s excited for the education back-in-forth that is happening between them.

Which is what the educators in our district, and many others across the Country and World are doing right now. They’re doing their darndest to meet the students where they are, with what knowledge they retained (summer brain drain must have been huge this year), as well as with what challenges we all face with the uncertainty of Covid.

As a parent I thank the teachers for all they’re doing to educate my child, and I think we should consider all that they are doing, and have been doing to keep your kids engaged, educated and safe before now means even more now that we are months into a pandemic that doesn’t look like it wants to go to the Principal’s’ office for detention any time soon.

Dave Grohl is right, teachers need to be treated like the treasures they are.

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